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The Citrus Squeezer from workingHOUSE®

Premium citrus juicer by workingHOUS

This manual, heavy duty juicer will light up your kitchen.
It is great looking and will help you to get the maximum juice with near to no effort. Practically you are only one squeeze away from a healthy self-pressed juice for your breakfast.This hand-pressed juicer is recommended for household but also for commercial purpose.

The base of juicer is supported with rubber pads to give more stability during work.

for commercial and home use, heavy duty
pressing parts are made of stainless steel (no aluminium!)
all pressing parts are removable, dish washer proof

Instructions to use the Premium Citrus Juicer by workingHOUSE®
Fruits skin should be cleaned before juicing.
Simply cut the orange half and put it on the juicing cone.
Press down the level arm 2 or three times and get the healthy fresh juice.

Strainer and funnel can be washed in the dishwasher and the stationary part can be cleaned with normal cotton.

Product specification
Weight: approx. 6.5 kg
Height: Approx. 45 cm (lever down) / 75 cm (lever above)
Base: approx. 19 x 23 cm

workingHOUSE® Premium Citrus Juicer
Mini wrench
Manual in English and German